Welcome to the Open Metadata Registry BETA!!


What's going on!?

This is a brand, spanking new beta version of the main Open Metadata Registry (OMR) site. Actually it may be a bit alpha, since we're adding services, improving current services, and occasionally making a mess. Still... everything works, except Import. The Export function on this site uses an entirely new and more sophisticated method of tracking changes to cells and we're still rewriting the Import function.

If you're familiar with the production OMR, one thing you'll immediately notice is that this home page looks very different. We haven't decided what to put on it yet, but we do know that we don't want to replicate the old one. But making that decision is a low priority at the moment. You'll also notice that there is more than one style in use and that's because we're replacing modules gradually.

This site uses an entirely new (and much better!) member authentication system. If you have an account on the OMR, your account and data also lives here, but you'll have to reset your password. This will have no effect on your password on the production OMR. Feel free to set it to the same password on both sites if you wish.

This is important...

We've ported the OMR data as of mid-December 2016 to this site, but we're going to periodically do it again, which will destroy anything that you may create or edit here. We'll do this at random and without warning, so poke around if you wish, but PLEASE don't count on any data you may add or edit to persist over time.