Element Sets

Label Ascending Order A human-readable descriptive label for the element set. This will be displayed in lists of element sets. ProjectThe project to which this element set belongs Status Last Updated This is the date the element set was last updated Updated byThe member who last updated this element set Actions
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195 results
munene's Assignment7 munene New-Proposed 2016-11-05 Munene Kanampiu
MuseMeta MuseMeta Published 2016-07-14 David Talley
MusemetaCategories David W. Talley Published 2017-07-29 Rsc Chair
National Library of Scotland Digital Object Database elements National Library of Scotland New-Proposed 2016-07-14 Gordon Dunsire
OMW Research Open Metadata Works New-Proposed 2016-07-02 testing123
Open Metadata Registry Application Profile properties Metadata Management Associates Published 2018-01-30 Rsc Chair
Opta Events Will Earp New-Proposed 2015-09-06 willearp
Oregon Digital Oregon Digital Published 2014-07-15 no_reply
Oregon Digital Rights Oregon Digital New-Proposed 2017-07-29 Rsc Chair
PatiosCordoba Jvespoc1516 New-Proposed 2016-01-20 Jvespoc1516
Photography Gumball 4 Pix Photography Published 2011-11-04 Gumball 4 Pix Photography
player one2shui Published 2017-10-21 inesdecampos
Project Properties P1comp872 Published 2017-11-04 pcomp872
Project Properties kofi kyei New-Proposed 2017-11-05 kkyei@82
property-01 Hido H Published 2016-07-11 HidoH
Prueba Gema Bueno Deprecated 2018-01-30 Rsc Chair
prueba manil Grupo Wörterverzeichnis-master Not Approved 2014-01-27 M luisa Diez
Prueba742 prueba Published 2021-01-15 Grupo1_autorasxix Grupo1_autorasxix
Publication metadata Max Planck Digital Library Published 2010-05-21 natasab
RDA Agent datatype properties ALA Publishing Published 2019-03-02 Rsc Chair