Element Sets

Label Ascending Order A human-readable descriptive label for the element set. This will be displayed in lists of element sets. ProjectThe project to which this element set belongs Status Last Updated This is the date the element set was last updated Updated byThe member who last updated this element set Actions
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192 results
UNIMARC/B elements 830 IFLA Published 2015-12-13 Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
UNIMARC/B elements 850 IFLA Published 2016-06-30 Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
UNIMARC/B elements 856 IFLA Published 2015-12-13 Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
UNIMARC/B elements 886 IFLA Published 2015-12-13 Gordon Dunsire (ifla)
US Legislative Information Model Metadata Management Associates Published 2016-07-14 DianeH
USEDit Scientific Equipment Element Set USEDit New-Proposed 2019-07-03 Margaret Glerum
VESPOC Francisco Talavera New-Proposed 2017-07-29 Rsc Chair
VGMS (Video Game Metadata Schema) Game Metadata Research (GAMER) Group Published 2017-07-15 wainer
Vocabulario de los productos de ZARA HOME VESPOC Grupo 5_UC3M New-Proposed 2018-01-23 Junze Du
Vocabulario de Micoturismo Grupo Sanasto Published 2018-01-30 Rsc Chair
xwElement one2shui Published 2017-10-21 inesdecampos
z test Richard F Not Approved 2016-07-14 Richard F