Element Sets

Label Descending Order A human-readable descriptive label for the element set. This will be displayed in lists of element sets. ProjectThe project to which this element set belongs Status Last Updated This is the date the element set was last updated Updated byThe member who last updated this element set Actions
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193 results
Dublin Core Element Set Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Published 2016-11-28 Jon Phipps
Domain Specific Vocabularies for the Arts, Culture and Scholarly Journals Control Myungdae Cho Published 2016-10-01 Myungdae Cho
DC2AP Element Set APRI Project Published 2017-07-29 Rsc Chair
conference Sabina Necula Published 2017-09-29 Rsc Chair
Comic Book Schema (Core) comicmeta.org Published 2016-01-04 Sean Petiya
Class Will Earp Not Approved 2012-08-01 willearp
Cataloging Cultural Objects Oregon Digital New-Proposed 2017-01-28 Rsc Chair
Billy MGC Productions Billy MGC Published 2017-08-02 Rsc Chair
beefschema beefsteak Published 2016-07-01 testing123
Application Profile: Ceramic Repository Chandana Patra New-Proposed 2009-08-20 chandana
Application Profile for Ceramic Resources Chandana Patra New-Proposed 2016-03-28 chandana
academics Dapme Passah New-Proposed 2016-02-23 dapme
OWO Open World Ontology Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd Published 2017-07-03 vonwenm