Element Sets

Label Descending Order A human-readable descriptive label for the element set. This will be displayed in lists of element sets. ProjectThe project to which this element set belongs Status Last Updated This is the date the element set was last updated Updated byThe member who last updated this element set Actions
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193 results
test otnc Published 2008-12-12 gmdr
Test Game Metadata Research (GAMER) Group Published 2016-04-12 klackner8
Test Phia New-Under Review 2017-02-16 mpzrnasol
SKOS Community Extensions SKOS Community Published 2011-02-04 Alistair Miles
SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) Metadata Management Associates Published 2008-08-05 courtneypk_29
segvial Francisco Talavera Published 2015-12-24 Francisco Talavera
SeguridadVial Grupo Prevenci New-Proposed 2016-01-09 Prevenci
SecurityCourse Imano Williams Published 2016-11-08 imanowilliams
Scholarly Data Model Myungdae Cho Published 2016-10-01 Myungdae Cho
SAAP Vocabulary Matt Boris Published 2010-11-07 mjboris
runner Mahsa Keshavarz Published 2016-11-06 Mahsa Keshavarz
rtest element set Richard Fritz Not Approved 2016-07-11 Richard Fritz
Rising Stars Necula Sabina Published 2016-07-14 sabinanecula
Resource Identity & Provenance Analekta Ltd. New-Under Review 2008-07-17 bbater
researcher Sabina Necula Published 2016-07-14 neculasabina
Recipes Masterchef Published 2018-01-20 maribelcv
RDF Schema Metadata Management Associates Published 2008-08-05 Jon Phipps
RDF Metadata Management Associates Published 2008-08-05 Jon Phipps
RDA/ONIX Framework element set ALA Publishing Published 2018-02-20 Jon Phipps
RDA Work properties ALA Publishing Published 2019-05-19 Rsc Chair