RDA Agent object properties Object properties derived from RDA elements with the domain of RDA Agent and its sub-classes Collective Agent, Person, Family, and Corporate Body. abridgerAgentOf is abridger agent of is abridger collective agent of abridgerCollectiveAgentOf is abridger corporate body of abridgerCorporateBodyOf is abridger family of abridgerFamilyOf is abridger person of abridgerPersonOf absorbedCorporateBody has absorbed corporate body absorbingCorporateBody has absorbing corporate body is academic supervisor of academicSupervisorOf accessPointForAgent has access point for agent accessPointForCollectiveAgent has access point for collective agent accessPointForCorporateBody has access point for corporate body accessPointForFamily has access point for family accessPointForPerson has access point for person actorAgentOf is actor agent of is actor collective agent of actorCollectiveAgentOf is actor corporate body of actorCorporateBodyOf is actor family of actorFamilyOf is actor person of actorPersonOf addresseeAgentOf is addressee agent of is addressee collective agent of addresseeCollectiveAgentOf is addressee corporate body of addresseeCorporateBodyOf is addressee family of addresseeFamilyOf is addressee person of addresseePersonOf has address of agent addressOfAgent has address of collective agent addressOfCollectivefAgent addressOfCorporateBody has address of corporate body has address of family addressOfFamily addressOfPerson has address of person affiliation is agent described in agentDescribedIn is aggregator collective agent of aggregatorCollectiveAgentOf is aggregator corporate body of aggregatorCorporateBodyOf is aggregator family of aggregatorFamilyOf is aggregator agent of aggregatorOf is aggregator person of aggregatorPersonOf alternateIdentity has alternate identity of person alternateIdentityOfPerson animatorAgentOf is animator agent of is animator collective agent of animatorCollectiveAgentOf is animator corporate body of animatorCorporateBodyOf is animator family of animatorFamilyOf is animator person of animatorPersonOf annotatorOf is annotator of appellantCorporateBodyOf is appellant corporate body of appellantPersonOf is appellant person of appellationofAgent has appellation of agent appellationOfCollectiveAgent has appellation of collective agent appellationOfCorporateBody has appellation of corporate body appellationOfFamily has appellation of family appellationOfPerson has appellation of person appelleeCorporateBodyOf is appellee corporate body of appelleePersonOf is appellee person of architectAgentOf is architect agent of is architect collective agent of architectCollectiveAgentOf is architect corporate body of architectCorporateBodyOf is architect family of architectFamilyOf is architect person of architectPersonOf arrangerAgentOfMusicOf is arranger agent of music of is arranger collective agent of music of arrangerCollectiveAgentOfMusicOf is arranger corporate body of music of arrangerCorporateBodyOfMusicOf is arranger family of music of arrangerFamilyOfMusicOf is arranger person of music of arrangerPersonOfMusicOf artDirectorAgentOf is art director agent of is art director collective agent of artDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is art director corporate body of artDirectorCorporateBodyOf is art director family of artDirectorFamilyOf is art director person of artDirectorPersonOf artistAgentOf is artist agent of is artist collective agent of artistCollectiveAgentOf is artist corporate body of artistCorporateBodyOf is artist family of artistFamilyOf is artist person of artistPersonOf assignerAgentOf is assigner agent of assignerCollectiveAgentOf is assigner collective agent of assignerCorporateBodyOf is assigner corporate body of assignerFamilyOf is assigner family of assignerPersonOf is assigner person of assistant has assistant assistantTo is assistant to associatedInstitution has associated institution (Deprecated) audioEngineerAgentOf is audio engineer agent of is audio engineer collective agent of audioEngineerCollectiveAgentOf is audio engineer corporate body of audioEngineerCorporateBodyOf is audio engineer family of audioEngineerFamilyOf is audio engineer person of audioEngineerPersonOf audioProducerAgentOf is audio producer agent of is audio producer collective agent of audioProducerCollectiveAgentOf is audio producer corporate body of audioProducerCorporateBodyOf is audio producer family of audioProducerFamilyOf is audio producer person of audioProducerPersonOf authorAgentOf is author agent of is author collective agent of authorCollectiveAgentOf is author corporate body of authorCorporateBodyOf is author family of authorFamilyOf authorizedAccessPointForAgent has authorized access point for agent authorizedAccessPointForCollectiveAgent has authorized access point for collective agent authorizedAccessPointForCorporateBody has authorized access point for corporate body authorizedAccessPointForFamily has authorized access point for family authorizedAccessPointForPerson has authorized access point for person is author of expression of (Deprecated) authorOfExpressionOf is author person of authorPersonOf autographerOf is autographer of binderAgentOf is binder agent of is binder collective agent of binderCollectiveAgentOf is binder corporate body of binderCorporateBodyOf is binder family of binderFamilyOf is binder person of binderPersonOf bookArtistAgentOf is book artist agent of is book artist collective agent of bookArtistCollectiveAgentOf is book artist corporate body of bookArtistCorporateBodyOf is book artist family of bookArtistFamilyOf is book artist person of bookArtistPersonOf bookDesignerAgentOf is book designer agent of is book designer collective agent of bookDesignerCollectiveAgentOf is book designer corporate body of bookDesignerCorporateBodyOf is book designer family of bookDesignerFamilyOf is book designer person of bookDesignerPersonOf brailleEmbosserAgentOf is braille embosser agent of is braille embosser collective agent of brailleEmbosserCollectiveAgentOf is braille embosser corporate body of brailleEmbosserCorporateBodyOf is braille embosser family of brailleEmbosserFamilyOf is braille embosser person of brailleEmbosserPersonOf broadcasterAgentOf is broadcaster agent of is broadcaster collective agent of broadcasterCollectiveAgentOf is broadcaster corporate body of broadcasterCorporateBodyOf is broadcaster family of broadcasterFamilyOf is broadcaster person of broadcasterPersonOf broaderAffiliatedBody has broader affiliated body calligrapherAgentOf is calligrapher agent of is calligrapher collective agent of calligrapherCollectiveAgentOf is calligrapher corporate body of calligrapherCorporateBodyOf is calligrapher family of calligrapherFamilyOf is calligrapher person of calligrapherPersonOf cartographerAgentOfWorkOf is cartographer agent of work of is cartographer collective agent of work of cartographerCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is cartographer corporate body of work of cartographerCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is cartographer family of work of cartographerFamilyOfWorkOf cartographerOfExpressionOf is cartographer of expression of (Deprecated) is cartographer person of work of cartographerPersonOfWorkOf casterAgentOf is caster agent of is caster collective agent of casterCollectiveAgentOf is caster corporate body of casterCorporateBodyOf is caster family of casterFamilyOf is caster person of casterPersonOf castingDirectorAgentOf is casting director agent of is casting director collective agent of castingDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is casting director corporate body of castingDirectorCorporateBodyOf is casting director family of castingDirectorFamilyOf is casting director person of castingDirectorPersonOf censorAgentOf is censor agent of is censor collective agent of censorCollectiveAgentOf is censor corporate body of censorCorporateBodyOf is censor family of censorFamilyOf is censor person of censorPersonOf chiefExecutive has chief executive chiefExecutiveOf is chief executive of choralConductorAgentOf is choral conductor agent of is choral conductor collective agent of choralConductorCollectiveAgentOf is choral conductor corporate body of choralConductorCorporateBodyOf is choral conductor family of choralConductorFamilyOf is choral conductor person of choralConductorPersonOf choreographerAgentOf is choreographer agent of is choreographer collective agent of choreographerCollectiveAgentOf is choreographer corporate body of choreographerCorporateBodyOf is choreographer family of choreographerFamilyOf choreographerOfExpressionOf is choreographer of expression of (Deprecated) is choreographer person of choreographerPersonOf is civil defendant corporate body of civilDefendantCorporateBodyOf is civil defendant person of civilDefendantPersonOf colleague has colleague collectionRegistrarAgentOf is collection registrar agent of is collection registrar collective agent of collectionRegistrarCollectiveAgentOf is collection registrar corporate body of collectionRegistrarCorporateBodyOf is collection registrar family of collectionRegistrarFamilyOf is collection registrar person of collectionRegistrarPersonOf is collective agent described in collectiveAgentDescribedIn collectorAgentOf is collector agent of is collector collective agent of collectorCollectiveAgentOf is collector corporate body of collectorCorporateBodyOf is collector family of collectorFamilyOf is collector person of collectorPersonOf collotyperAgentOf is collotyper agent of is collotyper collective agent of collotyperCollectiveAgentOf is collotyper corporate body of collotyperCorporateBodyOf is collotyper family of collotyperFamilyOf is collotyper person of collotyperPersonOf colouristAgentOf is colourist agent of is colourist collective agent of colouristCollectiveAgentOf is colourist corporate body of colouristCorporateBodyOf is colourist family of colouristFamilyOf is colourist person of colouristPersonOf commentatorAgentOf is commentator agent of is commentator collective agent of commentatorCollectiveAgentOf is commentator corporate body of commentatorCorporateBodyOf is commentator family of commentatorFamilyOf is commentator person of commentatorPersonOf commissioningBodyAgentOf is commissioning body agent of is commissioning body collective agent of commissioningBodyCollectiveAgentOf is commissioning body corporate body of commissioningBodyCorporateBodyOf is commissioning body family of commissioningBodyFamilyOf is commissioning body person of commissioningBodyPersonOf compilerAgentOf is compiler agent of is compiler collective agent of compilerCollectiveAgentOf is compiler corporate body of compilerCorporateBodyOf is compiler family of compilerFamilyOf is compiler person of compilerPersonOf componentOfAMerger has component of merger composerAgentOfWorkOf is composer agent of work of is composer collective agent of work of composerCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is composer corporate body of work of composerCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is composer family of work of composerFamilyOfWorkOf composerOfExpressionOf is composer of expression of (Deprecated) is composer person of work of composerPersonOfWorkOf conductorAgentOf is conductor agent of is conductor collective agent of conductorCollectiveAgentOf is conductor corporate body of conductorCorporateBodyOf is conductor family of conductorFamilyOf is conductor person of conductorPersonOf consultantAgentOf is consultant agent of is consultant collective agent of consultantCollectiveAgentOf is consultant corporate body of consultantCorporateBodyOf is consultant family of consultantFamilyOf is consultant person of consultantPersonOf is contributor agent of cartography of contributorAgentOfCartographyOf is contributor agent of choreography of contributorAgentOfChoreographyOf is contributor agent of computer content of contributorAgentOfComputerContentOf is contributor agent of moving image of contributorAgentOfMovingImageOf is contributor agent of music of contributorAgentOfMusicOf is contributor agent of object of contributorAgentOfObjectOf is contributor agent of speech of contributorAgentOfSpeechOf is contributor agent of still image of contributorAgentOfStillImageOf is contributor agent of text of contributorAgentOfTextOf is contributor agent to aggregate of contributorAgentToAggregateOf is contributor agent to amalgamation of contributorAgentToAmalgamationOf is contributor agent to performance of contributorAgentToPerformanceOf is contributor collective agent of cartography of contributorCollectiveAgentOfCartographyOf is contributor collective agent of choreography of contributorCollectiveAgentOfChoreographyOf is contributor collective agent of computer content of contributorCollectiveAgentOfComputerContentOf is contributor collective agent of moving image of contributorCollectiveAgentOfMovingImageOf is contributor collective agent of music of contributorCollectiveAgentOfMusicOf is contributor collective agent of object of contributorCollectiveAgentOfObjectOf is contributor collective agent of speech of contributorCollectiveAgentOfSpeechOf is contributor collective agent of still image of contributorCollectiveAgentOfStillImageOf is contributor collective agent of text of contributorCollectiveAgentOfTextOf is contributor collective agent to aggregate of contributorCollectiveAgentToAggregateOf is contributor collective agent to amalgamation of contributorCollectiveAgentToAmalgamationOf is contributor collective agent to performance of contributorCollectiveAgentToPerformanceOf is contributor corporate body of cartography of contributorCorporateBodyOfCartographyOf is contributor corporate body of choreography of contributorCorporateBodyOfChoreographyOf is contributor corporate body of computer content of contributorCorporateBodyOfComputerContentOf is contributor corporate body of moving image of contributorCorporateBodyOfMovingImageOf is contributor corporate body of music of contributorCorporateBodyOfMusicOf is contributor corporate body of object of contributorCorporateBodyOfObjectOf is contributor corporate body of speech of contributorCorporateBodyOfSpeechOf is contributor corporate body of still image of contributorCorporateBodyOfStillImageOf is contributor corporate body of text of contributorCorporateBodyOfTextOf is contributor corporate body to aggregate of contributorCorporateBodyToAggregateOf is contributor corporate body to amalgamation of contributorCorporateBodyToAmalgamationOf is contributor corporate body to performance of contributorCorporateBodyToPerformanceOf is contributor family of cartography of contributorFamilyOfCartographyOf is contributor family of choreography of contributorFamilyOfChoreographyOf is contributor family of computer content of contributorFamilyOfComputerContentOf is contributor family of moving image of contributorFamilyOfMovingImageOf is contributor family of music of contributorFamilyOfMusicOf is contributor family of object of contributorFamilyOfObjectOf is contributor family of speech of contributorFamilyOfSpeechOf is contributor family of still image of contributorFamilyOfStillImageOf is contributor family of text of contributorFamilyOfTextOf is contributor family to aggregate of contributorFamilyToAggregateOf is contributor family to amalgamation of contributorFamilyToAmalgamationOf is contributor family to performance of contributorFamilyToPerformanceOf is contributor person of cartography of contributorPersonOfCartographyOf is contributor person of choreography of contributorPersonOfChoreographyOf is contributor person of computer content of contributorPersonOfComputerContentOf is contributor person of moving image of contributorPersonOfMovingImageOf is contributor person of music of contributorPersonOfMusicOf is contributor person of object of contributorPersonOfObjectOf is contributor person of speech of contributorPersonOfSpeechOf is contributor person of still image of contributorPersonOfStillImageOf is contributor person of text of contributorPersonOfTextOf is contributor person to aggregate of contributorPersonToAggregateOf is contributor person to amalgamation of contributorPersonToAmalgamationOf is contributor person to performance of contributorPersonToPerformanceOf is contributor to aggregated content of (Deprecated) contributorToAggregatedContentOf corporateBodyDescribedIn is corporate body described in has corporate body member of collective agent corporateBodyMemberOfCollectiveAgent is corporate body member of collective agent of corporateBodyMemberOfCollectiveAgentOf corporateBodyMemberOfCorporateBody has corporate body member of corporate body corporateBodyMemberOfCorporateBodyOf is corporate body member of corporate body of has corporate body member of family corporateBodyMemberOfFamily is corporate body member of family of corporateBodyMemberOfFamilyOf costumeDesignerAgentOf is costume designer agent of is costume designer collective agent of costumeDesignerCollectiveAgentOf is costume designer corporate body of costumeDesignerCorporateBodyOf is costume designer family of costumeDesignerFamilyOf is costume designer person of costumeDesignerPersonOf countryAssociatedWithPerson has country associated with person courtGovernedOf is court governed of courtReporterAgentOf is court reporter agent of is court reporter collective agent of courtReporterCollectiveAgentOf is court reporter corporate body of courtReporterCorporateBodyOf is court reporter family of courtReporterFamilyOf is court reporter person of courtReporterPersonOf coworker has coworker creatorAgentOfExpressionOf is creator agent of expression of is creator agent of manifestation of creatorAgentOfManifestationOf creatorAgentOfWorkOf is creator agent of work of is creator collective agent of expression of creatorCollectiveAgentOfExpressionOf is creator collective agent of manifestation of creatorCollectiveAgentOfManifestationOf is creator collective agent of work of creatorCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is creator corporate body of expression of creatorCorporateBodyOfExpressionOf is creator corporate body of manifestation of creatorCorporateBodyOfManifestationOf is creator corporate body of work of creatorCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is creator family of expression of creatorFamilyOfExpressionOf is creator family of manifestation of creatorFamilyOfManifestationOf is creator family of work of creatorFamilyOfWorkOf is creator person of expression of creatorPersonOfExpressionOf is creator person of manifestation of creatorPersonOfManifestationOf is creator person of work of creatorPersonOfWorkOf is criminal defendant corporate body of criminalDefendantCorporateBodyOf is criminal defendant person of criminalDefendantPersonOf curatorAgentOf is curator agent of is curator collective agent of curatorCollectiveAgentOf is curator corporate body of curatorCorporateBodyOf is curator family of curatorFamilyOf is curator person of curatorPersonOf currentOwnerAgentOf is current owner agent of is current owner collective agent of currentOwnerCollectiveAgentOf is current owner corporate body of currentOwnerCorporateBodyOf is current owner family of currentOwnerFamilyOf is current owner person of currentOwnerPersonOf custodianAgentOf is custodian agent of is custodian collective agent of custodianCollectiveAgentOf is custodian corporate body of custodianCorporateBodyOf is custodian family of custodianFamilyOf is custodian person of custodianPersonOf dancerAgentOf is dancer agent of is dancer collective agent of dancerCollectiveAgentOf is dancer corporate body of dancerCorporateBodyOf is dancer family of dancerFamilyOf is dancer person of dancerPersonOf dateAssociatedWithCorporateBody has date associated with corporate body (Deprecated) dateAssociatedWithFamily has date associated with family (Deprecated) dateAssociatedWithPerson has date associated with person (Deprecated) dateOfBirth has date of birth dateOfConference has date of conference dateOfDeath has date of death dateOfEstablishment has date of establishment dateOfTermination has date of termination dedicateeAgentOfItemOf is dedicatee agent of item of dedicateeAgentOfWorkOf is dedicatee agent of work of is dedicatee collective agent of item of dedicateeCollectiveAgentOfItemOf is dedicatee collective agent of work of dedicateeCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is dedicatee corporate body of item of dedicateeCorporateBodyOfItemOf is dedicatee corporate body of work of dedicateeCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is dedicatee family of item of dedicateeFamilyOfItemOf is dedicatee family of work of dedicateeFamilyOfWorkOf is dedicatee person of item of dedicateePersonOfItemOf is dedicatee person of work of dedicateePersonOfWorkOf dedicatorAgentOf is dedicator agent of is dedicator collective agent of dedicatorCollectiveAgentOf is dedicator corporate body of dedicatorCorporateBodyOf is dedicator family of dedicatorFamilyOf is dedicator person of dedicatorPersonOf defendantCorporateBodyOf is defendant corporate body of defendantPersonOf is defendant person of degreeCommitteeMemberOf is degree committee member of degreeGrantingInstitutionOf is degree granting institution of degreeSupervisorOf is degree supervisor of depositorAgentOf is depositor agent of is depositor collective agent of depositorCollectiveAgentOf is depositor corporate body of depositorCorporateBodyOf is depositor family of depositorFamilyOf is depositor person of depositorPersonOf descendantFamilyOfFamily has descendant family of family descendantFamilyOfFamilyOf is descendant family of family of descendantFamilyOfPerson has descendant family of person designerAgentOf is designer agent of is designer collective agent of designerCollectiveAgentOf is designer corporate body of designerCorporateBodyOf is designer family of designerFamilyOf is designer person of designerPersonOf directorAgentOf is director agent of directorAgentOfPhotographyOf is director agent of photography of is director collective agent of directorCollectiveAgentOf is director collective agent of photography of directorCollectiveAgentOfPhotographyOf is director corporate body of directorCorporateBodyOf is director corporate body of photography of directorCorporateBodyOfPhotographyOf is director family of directorFamilyOf is director family of photography of directorFamilyOfPhotographyOf is director person of directorPersonOf is director person of photography of directorPersonOfPhotographyOf distributorAgentOf is distributor agent of is distributor collective agent of distributorCollectiveAgentOf is distributor corporate body of distributorCorporateBodyOf is distributor family of distributorFamilyOf is distributor person of distributorPersonOf djAgentOf is DJ agent of is DJ collective agent of djCollectiveAgentOf is DJ corporate body of djCorporateBodyOf is DJ family of djFamilyOf is DJ person of djPersonOf donorAgentOf is donor agent of is donor collective agent of donorCollectiveAgentOf is donor corporate body of donorCorporateBodyOf is donor family of donorFamilyOf is donor person of donorPersonOf draftsmanAgentOf is draftsman agent of is draftsman collective agent of draftsmanCollectiveAgentOf is draftsman corporate body of draftsmanCorporateBodyOf is draftsman family of draftsmanFamilyOf is draftsman person of draftsmanPersonOf dubbingDirectorAgentOf is dubbing director agent of is dubbing director collective agent of dubbingDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is dubbing director corporate body of dubbingDirectorCorporateBodyOf is dubbing director family of dubbingDirectorFamilyOf is dubbing director person of dubbingDirectorPersonOf editorAgentOfMovingImageWorkOf is editor agent of moving image work of is editor agent of text of editorAgentOfTextOf is editor collective agent of moving image work of editorCollectiveAgentOfMovingImageWorkOf is editor collective agent of text of editorCollectiveAgentOfTextOf is editor corporate body of moving image work of editorCorporateBodyOfMovingImageWorkOf is editor corporate body of text of editorCorporateBodyOfTextOf is editor family of moving image work of editorFamilyOfMovingImageWorkOf is editor family of text of editorFamilyOfTextOf editorialDirectorAgentOf is editorial director agent of is editorial director collective agent of editorialDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is editorial director corporate body of editorialDirectorCorporateBodyOf is editorial director family of editorialDirectorFamilyOf is editorial director person of editorialDirectorPersonOf editorOf is editor of (Deprecated) is editor person of moving image work of editorPersonOfMovingImageWorkOf is editor person of text of editorPersonOfTextOf employee has employee employer has employer enactingJurisdictionOf is enacting jurisdiction of engraverAgentOf is engraver agent of is engraver collective agent of engraverCollectiveAgentOf is engraver corporate body of engraverCorporateBodyOf is engraver family of engraverFamilyOf is engraver person of engraverPersonOf enrolledStudent has enrolled student etcherAgentOf is etcher agent of is etcher collective agent of etcherCollectiveAgentOf is etcher corporate body of etcherCorporateBodyOf is etcher family of etcherFamilyOf is etcher person of etcherPersonOf familyDescribedIn is family described in has family member of collective agent familyMemberOfCollectiveAgent is family member of collective agent of familyMemberOfCollectiveAgentOf has family member of corporate body familyMemberOfCorporateBody is family member of corporate body of familyMemberOfCorporateBodyOf has family member of family familyMemberOfFamily is family member of family of familyMemberOfFamilyOf fellowStudent has fellow student filmDirectorAgentOf is film director agent of is film director collective agent of filmDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is film director corporate body of filmDirectorCorporateBodyOf is film director family of filmDirectorFamilyOf is film director person of filmDirectorPersonOf filmDistributorAgentOf is film distributor agent of is film distributor collective agent of filmDistributorCollectiveAgentOf is film distributor corporate body of filmDistributorCorporateBodyOf is film distributor family of filmDistributorFamilyOf is film distributor person of filmDistributorPersonOf filmmakerAgentOf is filmmaker agent of is filmmaker collective agent of filmmakerCollectiveAgentOf is filmmaker corporate body of filmmakerCorporateBodyOf is filmmaker family of filmmakerFamilyOf is filmmaker person of filmmakerPersonOf filmProducerAgentOf is film producer agent of is film producer collective agent of filmProducerCollectiveAgentOf is film producer corporate body of filmProducerCorporateBodyOf is film producer family of filmProducerFamilyOf is film producer person of filmProducerPersonOf formerOwnerAgentOf is former owner agent of is former owner collective agent of formerOwnerCollectiveAgentOf is former owner corporate body of formerOwnerCorporateBodyOf is former owner family of formerOwnerFamilyOf is former owner person of formerOwnerPersonOf has founded corporate body of agent foundedCorporateBodyOfAgent has founded corporate body of collective agent foundedCorporateBodyOfCollectiveAgent foundedCorporateBodyOfCorporateBody has founded corporate body of corporate body foundedCorporateBodyOfFamily has founded corporate body of family foundedCorporateBodyOfPerson has founded corporate body of person founderAgentOfWorkOf is founder agent of work of is founder collective agent of work of founderCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is founder corporate body of work of founderCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is founder family of work of founderFamilyOfWorkOf is founder person of work of founderPersonOfWorkOf has founding agent of corporate body foundingAgentOfCorporateBody has founding collective agent of corporate body foundingCollectiveAgentOfCorporateBody foundingCorporateBodyOfCorporateBody has founding corporate body of corporate body foundingFamilyOfCorporateBody has founding family of corporate body foundingPersonOfCorporateBody has founding person of corporate body friend has friend has fuller form of name fullerFormOfName has given name givenName graduate has graduate graduateOf is graduate of hierarchicalSubordinate has hierarchical subordinate hierarchicalSuperior has hierarchical superior honoureeAgentOfItemOf is honouree agent of item of honoureeAgentOfWorkOf is honouree agent of work of is honouree collective agent of item of honoureeCollectiveAgentOfItemOf is honouree collective agent of work of honoureeCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is honouree corporate body of item of honoureeCorporateBodyOfItemOf is honouree corporate body of work of honoureeCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is honouree family of item of honoureeFamilyOfItemOf is honouree family of work of honoureeFamilyOfWorkOf is honouree person of item of honoureePersonOfItemOf is honouree person of work of honoureePersonOfWorkOf hostAgentOf is host agent of is host collective agent of hostCollectiveAgentOf is host corporate body of hostCorporateBodyOf is host family of hostFamilyOf hostingInstitutionOf is hosting institution of is host person of hostPersonOf identifierForAgent has identifier for agent identifierForCollectiveAgent has identifier for collective agent identifierForCorporateBody has identifier for corporate body identifierForFamily has identifier for family identifierForPerson has identifier for person illuminatorAgentOf is illuminator agent of is illuminator collective agent of illuminatorCollectiveAgentOf is illuminator corporate body of illuminatorCorporateBodyOf is illuminator family of illuminatorFamilyOf is illuminator person of illuminatorPersonOf illustratorOf is illustrator of (Deprecated) inscriberOf is inscriber of instructorAgentOf is instructor agent of is instructor collective agent of instructorCollectiveAgentOf is instructor corporate body of instructorCorporateBodyOf is instructor family of instructorFamilyOf is instructor person of instructorPersonOf instrumentalConductorAgentOf is instrumental conductor agent of is instrumental conductor collective agent of instrumentalConductorCollectiveAgentOf is instrumental conductor corporate body of instrumentalConductorCorporateBodyOf is instrumental conductor family of instrumentalConductorFamilyOf is instrumental conductor person of instrumentalConductorPersonOf instrumentalistAgentOf is instrumentalist agent of is instrumentalist collective agent of instrumentalistCollectiveAgentOf is instrumentalist corporate body of instrumentalistCorporateBodyOf is instrumentalist family of instrumentalistFamilyOf is instrumentalist person of instrumentalistPersonOf intervieweeAgentOfExpressionOf is interviewee agent of expression of intervieweeAgentOfWorkOf is interviewee agent of work of is interviewee collective agent of expression of intervieweeCollectiveAgentOfExpressionOf is interviewee collective agent of work of intervieweeCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is interviewee corporate body of expression of intervieweeCorporateBodyOfExpressionOf is interviewee corporate body of work of intervieweeCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is interviewee family of expression of intervieweeFamilyOfExpressionOf is interviewee family of work of intervieweeFamilyOfWorkOf is interviewee person of expression of intervieweePersonOfExpressionOf is interviewee person of work of intervieweePersonOfWorkOf interviewerAgentOfExpressionOf is interviewer agent of expression of interviewerAgentOfWorkOf is interviewer agent of work of is interviewer collective agent of expression of interviewerCollectiveAgentOfExpressionOf is interviewer collective agent of work of interviewerCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is interviewer corporate body of expression of interviewerCorporateBodyOfExpressionOf is interviewer corporate body of work of interviewerCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is interviewer family of expression of interviewerFamilyOfExpressionOf is interviewer family of work of interviewerFamilyOfWorkOf is interviewer person of expression of interviewerPersonOfExpressionOf is interviewer person of work of interviewerPersonOfWorkOf inventorAgentOf is inventor agent of is inventor collective agent of inventorCollectiveAgentOf is inventor corporate body of inventorCorporateBodyOf is inventor family of inventorFamilyOf is inventor person of inventorPersonOf issuingBodyAgentOf is issuing body agent of is issuing body collective agent of issuingBodyCollectiveAgentOf is issuing body corporate body of issuingBodyCorporateBodyOf is issuing body family of issuingBodyFamilyOf is issuing body person of issuingBodyPersonOf jointlyHeldConference has jointly held conference judgeOf is judge of has jurisdiction governed jurisdictionGoverned landscapeArchitectAgentOf is landscape architect agent of is landscape architect collective agent of landscapeArchitectCollectiveAgentOf is landscape architect corporate body of landscapeArchitectCorporateBodyOf is landscape architect family of landscapeArchitectFamilyOf is landscape architect person of landscapeArchitectPersonOf lettererAgentOf is letterer agent of is letterer collective agent of lettererCollectiveAgentOf is letterer corporate body of lettererCorporateBodyOf is letterer family of lettererFamilyOf is letterer person of lettererPersonOf librettistAgentOf is librettist agent of is librettist collective agent of librettistCollectiveAgentOf is librettist corporate body of librettistCorporateBodyOf is librettist family of librettistFamilyOf is librettist person of librettistPersonOf lightingDesignerAgentOf is lighting designer agent of is lighting designer collective agent of lightingDesignerCollectiveAgentOf is lighting designer corporate body of lightingDesignerCorporateBodyOf is lighting designer family of lightingDesignerFamilyOf is lighting designer person of lightingDesignerPersonOf lithographerAgentOf is lithographer agent of is lithographer collective agent of lithographerCollectiveAgentOf is lithographer corporate body of lithographerCorporateBodyOf is lithographer family of lithographerFamilyOf is lithographer person of lithographerPersonOf localAffiliate has local affiliate lyricistAgentOf is lyricist agent of is lyricist collective agent of lyricistCollectiveAgentOf is lyricist corporate body of lyricistCorporateBodyOf is lyricist family of lyricistFamilyOf is lyricist person of lyricistPersonOf makeupArtistAgentOf is makeup artist agent of is makeup artist collective agent of makeupArtistCollectiveAgentOf is makeup artist corporate body of makeupArtistCorporateBodyOf is makeup artist family of makeupArtistFamilyOf is makeup artist person of makeupArtistPersonOf manufacturerAgentOf is manufacturer agent of is manufacturer collective agent of manufacturerCollectiveAgentOf is manufacturer corporate body of manufacturerCorporateBodyOf is manufacturer family of manufacturerFamilyOf is manufacturer person of manufacturerPersonOf mediumOf is medium of mergee has mergee minuteTakerAgentOf is minute taker agent of is minute taker collective agent of minuteTakerCollectiveAgentOf is minute taker corporate body of minuteTakerCorporateBodyOf is minute taker family of minuteTakerFamilyOf is minute taker person of minuteTakerPersonOf mixingEngineerAgentOf is mixing engineer agent of is mixing engineer collective agent of mixingEngineerCollectiveAgentOf is mixing engineer corporate body of mixingEngineerCorporateBodyOf is mixing engineer family of mixingEngineerFamilyOf is mixing engineer person of mixingEngineerPersonOf moderatorAgentOf is moderator agent of is moderator collective agent of moderatorCollectiveAgentOf is moderator corporate body of moderatorCorporateBodyOf is moderator family of moderatorFamilyOf is moderator person of moderatorPersonOf is modifier agent of modifierAgentOf is modifier collective agent of modifierCollectiveAgentOf is modifier corporate body of modifierCorporateBodyOf is modifier family of modifierFamilyOf is modifier person of modifierPersonOf musicalDirectorAgentOf is musical director agent of is musical director collective agent of musicalDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is musical director corporate body of musicalDirectorCorporateBodyOf is musical director family of musicalDirectorFamilyOf is musical director person of musicalDirectorPersonOf musicProgrammerAgentOf is music programmer agent of is music programmer collective agent of musicProgrammerCollectiveAgentOf is music programmer corporate body of musicProgrammerCorporateBodyOf is music programmer family of musicProgrammerFamilyOf is music programmer person of musicProgrammerPersonOf nameOfAgent has name of agent nameOfCollectiveAgent has name of collective agent nameOfCorporateBody has name of corporate body nameOfFamily has name of family nameOfPerson has name of person narratorAgentOf is narrator agent of is narrator collective agent of narratorCollectiveAgentOf is narrator corporate body of narratorCorporateBodyOf is narrator family of narratorFamilyOf is narrator person of narratorPersonOf officer has officer officerOf is officer of onscreenParticipantAgentOf is onscreen participant agent of is onscreen participant collective agent of onscreenParticipantCollectiveAgentOf is onscreen participant corporate body of onscreenParticipantCorporateBodyOf is onscreen participant family of onscreenParticipantFamilyOf is onscreen participant person of onscreenParticipantPersonOf onscreenPresenterAgentOf is onscreen presenter agent of is onscreen presenter collective agent of onscreenPresenterCollectiveAgentOf is onscreen presenter corporate body of onscreenPresenterCorporateBodyOf is onscreen presenter family of onscreenPresenterFamilyOf is onscreen presenter person of onscreenPresenterPersonOf organizerAgentOf is organizer agent of is organizer collective agent of organizerCollectiveAgentOf is organizer corporate body of organizerCorporateBodyOf is organizer family of organizerFamilyOf is organizer person of organizerPersonOf otherAgentItemOf is other agent associated with item of (Deprecated) otherAgentManifestationOf is other agent associated with manifestation of otherAgentWorkOf is other agent associated with work of otherPlaceAssociatedWithCorporateBody has other place associated with corporate body (Deprecated) ownerAgentOf is owner agent of is owner collective agent of ownerCollectiveAgentOf is owner corporate body of ownerCorporateBodyOf is owner family of ownerFamilyOf is owner person of ownerPersonOf panelistAgentOf is panelist agent of is panelist collective agent of panelistCollectiveAgentOf is panelist corporate body of panelistCorporateBodyOf is panelist family of panelistFamilyOf is panelist person of panelistPersonOf papermakerAgentOf is papermaker agent of is papermaker collective agent of papermakerCollectiveAgentOf is papermaker corporate body of papermakerCorporateBodyOf is papermaker family of papermakerFamilyOf is papermaker person of papermakerPersonOf participantInTreatyOf is participant in treaty of partner has partner performerAgentOf is performer agent of is performer collective agent of performerCollectiveAgentOf is performer corporate body of performerCorporateBodyOf is performer family of performerFamilyOf is performer person of performerPersonOf has period of activity of agent periodOfActivityOfAgent has period of activity of collective agent periodOfActivityOfCollectiveAgent periodOfActivityOfCorporateBody has period of activity of corporate body has period of activity of family periodOfActivityOfFamily periodOfActivityOfPerson has period of activity of person personDescribedIn is person described in has person member of collective agent personMemberOfCollectiveAgent is person member of collective agent of personMemberOfCollectiveAgentOf personMemberOfCorporateBody has person member of corporate body personMemberOfCorporateBodyOf is person member of corporate body of personMemberOfFamily has person member of family personMemberOfFamilyOf is person member of family of photographerAgentOfWorkOf is photographer agent of work of is photographer collective agent of work of photographerCollectiveAgentOfWorkOf is photographer corporate body of work of photographerCorporateBodyOfWorkOf is photographer family of work of photographerFamilyOfWorkOf photographerOfExpressionOf is photographer of expression of (Deprecated) is photographer person of work of photographerPersonOfWorkOf placeAssociatedWithCorporateBody has place associated with corporate body (Deprecated) placeAssociatedWithFamily has place associated with family (Deprecated) placeOfBirth has place of birth placeOfConference has place of conference placeOfDeath has place of death placeOfResidence has place of residence plaintiffCorporateBodyOf is plaintiff corporate body of plaintiffPersonOf is plaintiff person of platemakerAgentOf is platemaker agent of is platemaker collective agent of platemakerCollectiveAgentOf is platemaker corporate body of platemakerCorporateBodyOf is platemaker family of platemakerFamilyOf is platemaker person of platemakerPersonOf praesesOf is praeses of has predecessor of collective agent predecessorOfCollectiveAgent predecessorOfCorporateBody has predecessor of corporate body has predecessor of family predecessorOfFamily predecessorOfSplit has predecessor of split preferredNameOfAgent has preferred name of agent preferredNameOfCollectiveAgent has preferred name of collective agent preferredNameOfCorporateBody has preferred name of corporate body preferredNameOfFamily has preferred name of family preferredNameOfPerson has preferred name of person presenterAgentOf is presenter agent of is presenter collective agent of presenterCollectiveAgentOf is presenter corporate body of presenterCorporateBodyOf is presenter family of presenterFamilyOf is presenter person of presenterPersonOf printerAgentOf is printer agent of is printer collective agent of printerCollectiveAgentOf is printer corporate body of printerCorporateBodyOf is printer family of printerFamilyOf is printer person of printerPersonOf printmakerAgentOf is printmaker agent of is printmaker collective agent of printmakerCollectiveAgentOf is printmaker corporate body of printmakerCorporateBodyOf is printmaker family of printmakerFamilyOf is printmaker person of printmakerPersonOf producerAgentOf is producer agent of producerAgentOfUnpublishedManifestationOf is producer agent of unpublished manifestation of is producer collective agent of producerCollectiveAgentOf is producer collective agent of unpublished manifestation of producerCollectiveAgentOfUnpublishedManifestationOf is producer corporate body of producerCorporateBodyOf is producer corporate body of unpublished manifestation of producerCorporateBodyOfUnpublishedManifestationOf is producer family of producerFamilyOf is producer family of unpublished manifestation of producerFamilyOfUnpublishedManifestationOf is producer person of producerPersonOf is producer person of unpublished manifestation of producerPersonOfUnpublishedManifestationOf productionCompanyOf is production company of productionDesignerAgentOf is production designer agent of is production designer collective agent of productionDesignerCollectiveAgentOf is production designer corporate body of productionDesignerCorporateBodyOf is production designer family of productionDesignerFamilyOf is production designer person of productionDesignerPersonOf productOfMerger has product of merger productOfSplit has product of split progenitor has progenitor programmerAgentOf is programmer agent of is programmer collective agent of programmerCollectiveAgentOf is programmer corporate body of programmerCorporateBodyOf is programmer family of programmerFamilyOf is programmer person of programmerPersonOf is project supervisor of projectSupervisorOf prominentMemberOfFamily has prominent member of family is prominent member of family of prominentMemberOfFamilyOf publisherAgentOf is publisher agent of is publisher collective agent of publisherCollectiveAgentOf is publisher corporate body of publisherCorporateBodyOf is publisher family of publisherFamilyOf is publisher person of publisherPersonOf puppeteerAgentOf is puppeteer agent of is puppeteer collective agent of puppeteerCollectiveAgentOf is puppeteer corporate body of puppeteerCorporateBodyOf is puppeteer family of puppeteerFamilyOf is puppeteer person of puppeteerPersonOf radioDirectorAgentOf is radio director agent of is radio director collective agent of radioDirectorCollectiveAgentOf is radio director corporate body of radioDirectorCorporateBodyOf is radio director family of radioDirectorFamilyOf is radio director person of radioDirectorPersonOf radioProducerAgentOf is radio producer agent of is radio producer collective agent of radioProducerCollectiveAgentOf is radio producer corporate body of radioProducerCorporateBodyOf is radio producer family of radioProducerFamilyOf is radio producer person of radioProducerPersonOf rapporteurAgentOf is rapporteur agent of is rapporteur collective agent of rapporteurCollectiveAgentOf is rapporteur corporate body of rapporteurCorporateBodyOf is rapporteur family of rapporteurFamilyOf is rapporteur person of rapporteurPersonOf realIdentity has real identity of person realIdentityOfPerson recordingEngineerAgentOf is recording engineer agent of is recording engineer collective agent of recordingEngineerCollectiveAgentOf is recording engineer corporate body of recordingEngineerCorporateBodyOf is recording engineer family of recordingEngineerFamilyOf is recording engineer person of recordingEngineerPersonOf recordistAgentOf is recordist agent of is recordist collective agent of recordistCollectiveAgentOf is recordist corporate body of recordistCorporateBodyOf is recordist family of recordistFamilyOf is recordist person of recordistPersonOf relatedAgentOfAgent has related agent of agent relatedAgentOfCollectiveAgent has related agent of collective agent relatedAgentOfCorporateBody has related agent of corporate body relatedAgentOfFamily has related agent of family relatedAgentOfPerson has related agent of person relatedCollectiveAgentOfAgent has related collective agent of agent relatedCollectiveAgentOfCollectiveAgent has related collective agent of collective agent relatedCollectiveAgentOfCorporateBody has related collective agent of corporate body relatedCollectiveAgentOfFamily has related collective agent of family relatedCollectiveAgentOfPerson has related collective agent of person relatedCorporateBodyOfAgent has related corporate body of agent relatedCorporateBodyOfCollectiveAgent has related corporate body of collective agent relatedCorporateBodyOfCorporateBody has related corporate body of corporate body relatedCorporateBodyOfFamily has related corporate body of family relatedCorporateBodyOfPerson has related corporate body of person relatedExpressionOfAgent has related expression of agent relatedExpressionOfCollectiveAgent has related expression of collective agent relatedExpressionOfCorporateBody has related expression of corporate body relatedExpressionOfFamily has related expression of family relatedExpressionOfPerson has related expression of person relatedFamilyOfAgent has related family of agent relatedFamilyOfCollectiveAgent has related family of collective agent relatedFamilyOfCorporateBody has related family of corporate body relatedFamilyOfFamily has related family of family relatedFamilyOfPerson has related family of person relatedItemOfAgent has related item of agent relatedItemOfCollectiveAgent has related item of collective agent relatedItemOfCorporateBody has related item of corporate body relatedItemOfFamily has related item of family relatedItemOfPerson has related item of person relatedManifestationOfAgent has related manifestation of agent relatedManifestationOfCollectiveAgent has related manifestation of collective agent relatedManifestationOfCorporateBody has related manifestation of corporate body relatedManifestationOfFamily has related manifestation of family relatedManifestationOfPerson has related manifestation of person relatedNomenOfAgent has related nomen of agent relatedNomenOfCollectiveAgent has related nomen of collective agent