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- Ross Fuqua Published 2009-11-14
21st Century Skills GEM Exchange Published 2006-07-10
Academics Dapme Passah Published 2010-11-19
ActasPlenoAyto Vocabulario Semántico para las Acta de Pleno de ayuntamientos Published 2021-01-25
Agroforestry Thomas Zschocke New-Proposed 2012-07-30
Anchor Archive Subject Thesaurus Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library Published 2013-09-23
athletes Dapme Passah Published 2010-11-19
Category of Grad Course Imano Williams New-Proposed 2016-11-07
ceshi xueqiuhong Published 2016-01-30
Classfication xueqiuhong Published 2015-10-18
CoNE - CC Licenses Max Planck Digital Library New-Proposed 2009-07-02
conference Sabina Necula Published 2012-05-19
Core Processes Analekta Ltd. New-Under Review 2008-07-17
country one2shui Published 2017-10-20
DC2AP Format Vocabulary APRI Project Published 2012-03-26
DC2AP Type Vocabulary APRI Project Published 2012-03-26
DEPRECATED - PBCore contributorRole 1.0 PBCore Published 2011-01-28
DEPRECATED - PBCore coverageType 1.0 PBCore Published 2011-01-31
DEPRECATED - PBCore creatorRole 1.0 PBCore Published 2011-01-28
DEPRECATED - PBCore essenceTrackAspectRatio 1.0 PBCore Published 2011-01-28