Video Game Metadata Schema: Controlled Vocabulary SETTING - TIME PERIOD Ancient Seen as the dawn of civilization with technologies containing Swords and Sandals. This time period is also known to be heavily steeped in mythology and god-lore. Byzantine The Byzantine time period encompasses the Crusades, and is characterized by strong Roman and Greek influences. Cold war The time period following the end of World War II (circa 1947-1991), in which tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union were high. It is characterized by a clash of political ideals between democracy and communism. Contemporary The part of history still in living memory. Futuristic Focuses on interstellar exploration/colonization, interaction with alien species, and future empire building all while still having some relationship with Earth. Imperial Pre-World War I period of colonization, discovery, industrialization, and travel. Medieval Castles are in abundance; the government style tends to focus on feudalism and in many cases there is a hereditary monarchy in place. Dark ages Modern A time of war and rebuilding of super powers; World War II to the contemporary period. Technologies include cars, planes, and electronics. Prehistoric Features early technologies; stone tools and fire. Employs a mix of prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs, and cavemen. Reformation The time period marked by “religious, political, intellectual, and cultural upheaval” that split apart Catholic Europe during the 16th century. High profile individuals of this time include Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII. Renaissance Time period when gunpowder is first introduced; cultures are more focused on philosophy and the arts. Unspecified Not stated clearly or exactly. Western The time period characterized by cowboys, outlaws, and saloons. Year (YYYY) In the style of the Gregorian calendar only if the specific year is present within the game. Also only used if Our World or Alternate World are selected. Published